LRC Running Club - Drought Aid Drive

To everyone reading this blog

As you are all aware a very large part of Australia is under DROUGHT with NSW now being declared 100% drought.  We here in Queensland need to support our State with whatever support we can offer.

With this in mind, I have given some thought to how we, as a Group can provide some financial assistance to help our rural people. 

Some property people can no longer afford to pay some of their bills and when offers of money for food is forthcoming  they would prefer to feed their stock or say that their next door neighbour needs it more than they do.  It is not just the rural property owner who is suffering through the drought, the local businesses are also in hardship.  The country people are a resilient mob but can only stand so much pressure on themselves, many over time have succumbed to the stress.  When the rural people do go into the local town, it is generally only to buy the bare necessities of food for the family, they don’t buy the bottle of wine or the beer and you can bet your bottom dollar that the hair cut desperately needed will not happen for a long while.

Bills are mounting, education expenses for the children who are at boarding school still have to be met, while the younger ones are being educated at home and they are out helping mum and dad feed the stock or worse seeing the stock dying.

The Government have of late provided some financial assistance but there is generally quite a lot of red tape to get through to get this support. So, let’s see what we, as a group from Mackay can do to assist some of these country people. 

We have set up a special Bank Account

How can you help?

1.      We are asking that you dig deep in your pocket and donate to the Drought Cause

Account Name:                 LRC Drought Aid

BSB Number                      084 789

Account Number              39461 6691

Reference                          Your Name

2.      Get your friends and family to donate to the account

3.      Ask your Work colleagues to support the cause

4.      Ask your business that you work for to put money in the account

5.      The donation Box over the next 4 weeks will be a collection point for the cause

6.      Or we could hold a ‘Drought Aid’ Run/Walk and raise some money.

My first thought was to hold a Run/Walk for the Drought but having had more time to think it through I believe that we could raise more money for the Rural people through a simple donation/collection point.  If we hold a run/walk we need to seek the assistance of sponsors to promote the event and the $1400 that they are asked to pay can be better utilised by going directly into the bank.  This sponsor money can provide food on the table for a couple of families for a month.

I have researched how best to get the money to where it is needed the most.  My initial thought was to find out a couple of families in Queensland that are badly affected and support them directly, but I have reconsidered this process after reading an article by Cassandra McLaren – where she says ‘Give to many, not to a few’.  She said when one individual or family are beneficiary it can have unintended consequences for others and when food parcels are directly sent to families, the local business suffers the loss. 

There is an organisation called ‘Aussie Helpers’ who I believe are best for our money to be channelled through as they have first hand knowledge and names of the people who are registered with this organisation for assistance.  Of course, there are a lot of good charities, but Aussie Helpers are on the ground helping farmers.  Rural families have to register for the charity and will accept help and this is not just financial but mental health help as well.

I personally can relate to the impact the Drought has on the family and the many long hard hours of carting water and feeding out molasses to hungry cattle and would love you all to get involved please.

We currently have some 2,300 followers on Facebook & 1000 odd names on email and all we need to do is have everyone of those followers put $10 into the bank account.  How good would that be!!!!  That is a lot of food that can be purchased from the local stores in the country.

At the end of each week I will give you an update on how much money has gone into the account, let’s see how much we can accumulate by 31 August 2018 and at that point we will see how long we will run the project for.

Dawn Mansfield