Gold Coast 2019 Run Events

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Entries are now open for the Gold Coast 2019 events

Have you an interest in attending the Gold Coast Marathon running events 6 & 7 July 2019 with the LRC Running Club, Mackay. Entries are open and the team name and log on is listed in the picture. Get a group of friends together. For accommodation it is best to stay with majority of the team going so get on to Mantra Chevron Towers, or book through We travel as a group and leave Mackay on Friday morning either the early 6am or 8.30am flights and then have a coach arranged to take us from the Brisbane airport direct to Mantra Chevron Towers on the Gold Coast. This Coach will be booked for 10am. We then return on the Monday departing the Gold Coast around 11am back to the Brisbane airport again by coach. The plane you need to be booking should be no earlier than 2.30pm. If you are leaving on the Sunday all transport back to the Brisbane airport is made individually. link to register

One of our ladies has a 3 bedroom apartment booked and is looking for someone to share with her. Please contact me through facebook messenger for this information.