How to Breathe While Running



This question is raised almost every week, "How do I breathe?" The following is not a gospel, but certainly worth considering:  Credit to Christine Luff

How to Breathe While Running

Beginning runners typically get out of breath and they think they need to stop running, but what they really need to do is just slow down. As you continue to run, you'll want to stay within your fitness level. You'll know that you've gone past this level if you're unable to carry on a conversation with another runner without feeling winded. Again, if you get out of breath, just slow things down a bit and try not to focus on breathing. Your rhythm will come in time, but if you push yourself, you may become dizzy. 

Tips for Breathing While Running

  • Take long deep breaths through both your mouth and nose. 
  • Get as much oxygen into your system as you can. 
  • Make sure you're breathing from your belly or diaphragm -- not your chest, so you can get as much oxygen into your system as possible. 
  • Don't concentrate only on breathing. Enjoy the scenery and your running partners too.